Funny thing is I hear the snapping and I want to jump up.
Like Pavlov's dog.
But instead, I think about the beer I had a bitch of a time opening
and I think about the story with the bears and the little girl.
O I wonder about the snapping.
And I will jump.
I wonder if there are surveillance cameras.
I wonder if I ask
will that be setting myself up for something I can't handle?

she had coffee

And he said, "It isn't polite to stare."
And she told him, "You stared right back!"
And he said, "I had to assert my dominance."

Or something like that.
It was over an hour. Even over 2 hours.
Could have been longer.
But there was a mess up with the alphabet.

He talked.
Much more than he thought he would.
His eyes
a bit at the corners
when he smiled.

He smiled
a lot.

She wanted to touch his face.
But steeled for his hand.

The best part was when
a loose strand of hair
stuck in the corner of
her mouth.

she...September 10

She was in the kitchen. Not a Betty Crocker kitchen; but a real kitchen. Probably more than 6 cabinets. Probably. And she stomped around making ‘monster’ noises while dragging the one foot that didn’t wear a house shoe. A house shoe. Y’know?-a slipper, basically, that has an ‘outside friendly’ sole. She heard the voice right behind her. Right next to her ear. In her ear. Quiet and fast. She forgot the words as soon as they had been spoken. Had the voice come from another person it would have sent chills down her spine. She was suddenly very aware. Of not being alone. She tried to recall the words. And her memory failed her. Yet the voice...the voice she heard may have been several voices speaking in unison. She stood a moment longer. Decided she would not be afraid. The night continued as usual.

She...September 7th

"What happened after that?" He asked.

She twisted a strand of hair around her finger, bit her lower look
averted her eyes (O Lord!)
then said,
"What the fuck do you want me to tell you? What? That I probably lost my fucking mind and that this one lost her mind and that one did...?"

She sat on her knees, rocked back a bit; filled with some kind of
Only, not repressed because it is always there.

"Do you want to hear about the sex or the drugs first? Because there was no fucking rock and roll! We had no fucking electricity! What do you want to hear?-that I managed to keep my fucking nervous breakdown in check while everyone else fucking fell apart around me?" She paused. Thinking. Her mind drifted and she lost her train of thought.

He had a shocked expression that he tried damn hard to conceal. Didn't work.

"Did you want some endamame?" She had left the spit of rage in the previous minute. The minute that will never happen again.

"Yes," he answered, "I would."

An answer

Someone asked, "Where do you live?"
and she answered, "I live within the 'Cone of Error'."


The little chunk of sidewalk is where Things 1 and 2 catch the school bus.

(Thank you)
the well wishes.

Lots of wind. Not too much rain.
Loss of power. Only 4 days this time.
Another storm out there, too.

My love to:
This dude and this chick.
Gustav liked you more.