f r i d a y

It is a
hot as eff
I need to lower the a/c
just another
in (the park?)
Hot town...
(summer in the...)
And what have
I done?
I have
a lot.
I have taken on
several (new)
and weird
(The transformation is almost complete!)
Weird ones.
Things 1 and 2
I have been told.
I vacuumed.

Love me some ChickyBabe!!

O happy daay!! (click the link/title to see CB's pics)

...4th of July, 2008

I cannot be held back by
thumb tacks
and odd things
I have collected and
want to display.
I cannot be held back by
small people
who look like me
who want to tape
and such
to the walls.
I cannot be worried about
too many holes in the wall
and I cannot worry about the hole I drilled
in a wooden door.
And I cannot get the fucking
Norton Antivirus
completely off my computer.
And I have probably spent way too much time and energy
attempting to do so!
And I can't figure out why
itunes decides which songs it wants to keep
and which it wants to delete.
And I can't get all my pics on disc
because I am lazy.
And I have closed and opened
a yahoo account so many times
it is amazing my computer doesn't flip out!
And why do I need norton antivirus?
And can you believe I have to bring the
Because I DON'T get food stamps.
O, I am sure
we qualify,
but it is not something
(the husband)
wants to do.
And the other two
do get
food stamps.
This is
And I have been awake too long.
And the bottom of my feet...
not the 'ball'
of my foot,
rather the 'heel'
Because I walk.
And I step too hard?
And I am reading a good book.
I don't know how it will end;
but I think a fucked up ending like everyone kind of turning into
Invasion of the Body Snatchers type of people-
I think that kind of ending could be FUN!!

P.S. Is there a 4th of July in France?